"The vineyard was blossoming: and everything was vibrant with fireflies.

Oh.. only music could express such sweetness

and the pang of that fleeting moment

when I stopped among the rows and

all at once found myself wrapped in

what seemed like lines of fairy lights."

G. Deledda, excerpt from "La Bambina Rubata" (The Stolen Girl)

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In a prodigious green, water flows giving life to things

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Welcome to the land of Cagnulari

The history of the Chessa winery goes back years and is interwoven among a passion for their land, their roots and the traditions of the Coros, in the heart of Logudoro, with its intense colours and its rocky, clay soil, a chosen land for Vermentino and Cagnulari, a rare and ancient grape variety which only recently has been forced into oblivion. These places confer depth and worthiness to the skills of man who, with hard work and enormous passion can enable soothing sensations to resurface.

Wines like Mattariga, Kentales, Lugherra and Cagnulari are born from these places. The latter has contributed to making the territory of Usini world famous. Thanks to continual research and experimentation, this wine seduces everyone regardless of its sullen and complex character at the first sip, yet already graceful and unmistakable after the second. Chessa wines belong to this land and they represent it with pride and respect.

Decanter Awards 2014

Decanter Awards 2014

Chessa has been awarded with three new awards in occasion of the Decanter World Wine Awards 2014



From 7th to 10th April 2013, Sardinia Pavilion

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